Dianax is a very early stage start-up with a focus on development of lab-on-chip for protein detection. Dianax patent pending technology allows flexible and robust chips to be realized. They can be incorporated in cartridges with standard interfaces like USB or Firewire. Such cartridges can be interfaced with devices like smartphones and tablets for in-field assays starting from native samples, like full blood or urine.

Detection of proteins in biological fluids has multiple medical and non-medical applications. In the medical field, a large number of biomarkers are proteins, like PSA and CA125 in oncology and Troponin I/T in infarction and other cardiovascular diseases. The availability of a system for in field assays allows both biomarkers detection in emergencies, like after an infarction, and the monitoring and personalization of important therapies like chemotherapy.

The Dianax chip has possible applications in other fields too, like environmental analysis, biological research, drug discovery and veterinary. In all these cases it helps to simplify processes and reduce costs while maintaining and high degree of sensitivity.